Trump Tower’s Russia email server was shut down three days before Carter Page quit campaign

Now that former Donald Trump campaign adviser Carter Page is accusing Trump himself of having been behind the pro-Russia platform change at the Republican National Convention, the Trump campaign is suddenly insisting that Page has overstated his own role in the campaign. But Trump will have a hard time explaining why Page appears to have been directly connected to the Russian email server which was discovered to have been running out of Trump Tower.

The original Slate story about an email server allegedly inside Trump Tower and communicating with a Russian bank, first published in October, is back in the headlines this week after Donald Trump made the surreal claim that President Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower just before election day. Obama could not have done any such thing, but as we’ve reported, there is evidence that a federal judge granted a FISA warrant in October in relation to that server. So what does Carter Page have to do with this?

The Trump Tower Russian email server in question saw spikes in traffic whenever Carter Page traveled to Russia, according to a scientist who has analyzed the data pattern. The server was then permanently shut down on September 23rd. Three days later, Carter Page announced he had left the Donald Trump campaign, claiming that the mounting questions about his Russian connections had become a distraction.

There’s a small chance this could be coincidence. But as the Trump-Russia scandal has unfolded, things that have looked too suspicious to be coincidences have generally turned out later to have been legitimately connected to each other. The most plausible explanation here is that the Trump campaign or Trump Organization was using the Trump Tower email server to communicate with Carter Page whenever he traveled to Russia, and no longer had a use for it once Page was forced out. As always, we’ll keep digging. Contribute to Palmer Report

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