Donald Trump is running out of village idiots

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The ugliest crime Donald Trump will have ever committed is the crime against his own family and friends. His pure selfishness and powerlusting greed will, if justice is served, send him and most of his immediate family members and several of his closest comrades to prison if convicted, for what most certainly appears to be crimes against the United States. What an awful thought. He has exposed himself, his son, his daughter, her husband to intensive criminal investigations by the FBI that are ordinarily saved for the most seasoned of corrupt political hacks.

Trump sent his son and his longtime associate Paul Manafort to take meetings he wasn’t gutsy enough to take himself. Knowing all the legal ramifications for them, he sent his “team” out with the calculated risk that they may become collateral damage. He paraded them all around as nothing more than assistant village idiots too inept to even realise they would eventually become his patsies.

Trump gave free rein to his son-in-law Jared Kushner to roam the halls of the White House and use it as ground zero for his own illicit financial activities, which saw Kushner initiating negotiations for about a half billion dollars in loans for his own private businesses. Most presidents and leaders take some level of care in insulating those closest to themselves, particularly their own children. Instead, Trump gave Kushner the leeway to incriminate himself.

Any decent person wouldn’t hesitate to take a hit for his or her child, grown or not. This time, like so many other times, Donald Trump gambled and lost. He has bankrupted the sacred bonds of his family, his closest friends and advisors. He’s left them to fend for themselves. Trump peddles his phony narrative about “nothing burgers” while hiding behind a facade as transparent as the glass on the 25th floor of Trump Tower.

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