Donald Trump’s Malignant Narcissistic Disorder

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With the constant and daily news about one Donald Trump meltdown after another, I thought it might be interesting to briefly explain the evidence of Trump suffering from Malignant Narcissistic Disorder (MPD). I will note I am not a doctor and am simply using the standard psychological tests to quantify a person and his relationship to MPD:

Glib and Superficial Charm

This is pretty easy. We see it all the time, from his ‘I was kidding’ after being busted and his clear disdain for everyone

Grandiose Estimation of Self / Belief of Being Unique

Just look at his tweet about being the “star” and he should have hosted the Oscars. His own view of himself and how he feels he is better than everyone else. He really believes he’s better than all others.

Need for Stimulation

Stormy Daniels? Karen McDougal? Nuff said.

Pathological Lying

Do we need any comment for this one?

Cunning and Manipulativeness

We see this every day, in every action he takes.

Sense of Entitlement

He believes he is owed things. He feels entitled to take anything he wants. Businesses, women, power. He believes it’s all his for the taking.

Lack of Guilt/Remorse

Remember when he cried? Apologized? Yea, I don’t either.

Requires Excessive Admiration/Adoration

Remember when Trump pushed the Prime Minister of Montenagro out of his way? He has to be the center of attention.

Callousness/Lack of Empathy

He has always shown an inability to care about the feelings of others.

Parasitic Lifestyle / Exploitative

WOW, I love this one. He cherishes this and lives it all the time. Ask the 20 women he molested. How many people have we seen Trump exploit? How many staff are gone because of him?

Poor Behavioral Controls

Trump in 3 words?

Sexual Promiscuity/Infidelity

Well, he was ‘dating’ Stormy and Karen while married to a pregnant Melania.

Early Behavorial Problems

Daddy sent him to Military School for a reason.

Envious of Others

We have seen Trump attack anyone who’s done something good and claim it as his own. He pouts if someone else is getting any adulation because he always thinks he should always be the only star.


Look in the dictionary and Trump’s picture is there.


He’s the President and he’s golfed over 100 times at Trump properties.

Failure to Accept Responsibility for Own Actions

“No Collusion, No Obstruction” Well, ok, it’s just a blatant lie. But fits.

Juvenile Delinquency

We’ll have to assume, but what does a spoiled rich kid do?

Criminal Versatility

We see this all the time. We’re waiting for Bob Mueller, but we know he’s committed a whole binder full of crimes.
Basically, we can look at these traits and without any medical training, you can easily think of something Trump has done that fits every trait listed above. You can post your own things he’s done and which category it fits!

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