Two Donald Trump campaign advisors had their own office space in Russia

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Just days after the United States intelligence community exposed four of Donald Trump’s campaign advisors of having colluded with Russian intel agents during the course of the election, now comes another revelation. Adding to the intrigue, two of the four Trump advisors in question allegedly had their own office space in Russia.

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Earlier this week, former Donald Trump campaign manager and former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone were identified, along with Michael Flynn and Carter Page, as having allegedly colluded by phone with Russian intel agents during the campaign. Manafort’s connection to Russia has long been under the spotlight. During the campaign he was accused of having taken millions of dollars in secret cash payments from the Kremlin while he was trying to get a pro-Kremlin puppet elected in the Ukraine.

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Now that the Ukraine has freed itself from Russian control (with the exception of Crimea, which was since invaded by Russia), the Ukrainian press has begun investigative reporting on the dealings of Donald Trump’s associates in that part of the world. The Ukrainian Pravda, which has no connection to the old Soviet Pravda, has reported that Paul Manafort had office space in Kiev, Ukraine, and provided evidence in this article, which you have to run through a translator to read in English. It goes so far as to document Manafort’s named listed on a phone extension in the office. It also reports that Roger Stone had office space in Kiev. But the assertion then goes further.

As documented by Scott Dworkin of the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, that same Ukrainian Pravda reporter is also reporting that Paul Manafort and Roger Stone have office space in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It’s not immediately clear what the purpose of that office space was.

Thus far both men are clumsily denying any election collusion with Russia, with Manafort positing that he couldn’t have known if he was speaking with Russian intel officers because they weren’t wearing name badges, and Stone encouraging an investigation in one breath while professing his innocence in the next. But if they weren’t colluding with Russia, why would they have office space there?

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