Trump-Russia deepens: Senate Intel Committee hauls in FBI’s James Comey for secret meeting

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Yesterday, Palmer Report posited that based on the extent to which one faction within the FBI has been aggressively pursuing Donald Trump over his Russia scandal, FBI Director James Comey now lacks either the desire or the muscle to stand in their way. Today a tangible piece of evidence fell into place which suggests that the Trump-Russia investigation is indeed bigger than Comey, and that he may now just be along for the ride.

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The bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee took the rare step of delaying the start of its own recess today so that it could hold a secret meeting with FBI Director James Comey. The meeting was so hush-hush that Senators not on the committee expressed surprise that Comey was even in the building – and if not for the fact that he had been spotted by outsiders in the Senate corridors, no one would have known the meeting took place at all.

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The key here is the Senate Intel Committee’s insistence upon hauling in Comey now, rather than waiting until it got back from recess. The committee is bipartisan but is majority republican, meaning that the republican faction of the committee must have agreed that the urgent and vacation-delaying meeting with Comey was necessary today – as the Trump-Russia scandal now quickly unfolds – or it wouldn’t have happened.

Notably, after the meeting concluded, the Senators involved had nothing to say to the media, as noted by Roll Call. There was no comment about it being a good or bad meeting, no urging by the Democrats for Comey to be more forthcoming, no political posturing of any kind. So whatever went on in the meeting, it must have been A) productive enough that no one came out of it complaining, and B) sensitive enough that no one in attendance wanted to offer any hint of what’s going on. But some kind of urgent and clandestine bipartisan Senate action on Trump-Russia is now clearly underway, as we wait for the other shoe to drop.

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