Roger Stone, about to go down for conspiring with Russia, throws Donald Trump under the bus

Yesterday, four of Donald Trump’s top campaign advisors were publicly exposed as having been caught colluding with Russian intelligence officers during the campaign: Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Carter Page, and Roger Stone. We then predicted last night that it would be a race to see which of the four would be the first to flip on Trump to save themselves. Our bet would have been on Manafort or Flynn, but instead it turns out Roger Stone has now publicly turned against Trump on Russia today.

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This comes as somewhat of a surprise, because while Flynn and Manafort were hired guns who had no personal allegiance to Donald Trump and have both since been fired by him as scapegoats, Roger Stone is a decades-long personal friend of Trump. And yet it’s Stone who is now publicly calling for the Department of Justice to immediately investigate the matter. In so doing, Stone is essentially calling for the DOJ to investigate himself as well as Trump. The only logical reason for Stone to do this is if he’s planning to flip on Trump and cooperate with the investigation, in order to shield himself from any prosecution. And Stone appears to know all of Trump’s secrets.

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If Roger Stone is guilty of colluding with Russian intel officials during the campaign, as the US. intel community is now alleging via the New York Times, he can testify as to Donald Trump’s complicity in that collusion. And now he’s calling (source: The Guardian) for such an investigation. Stone also likely knows where all of Trump’s skeletons are buried, on Russia and otherwise, after decades of advising him on various matters, including the early months of his campaign.

It’s worth noting that Roger Stone survived working for Richard Nixon unscathed, and has subsequently manage to survive as a controversial political figure for the past forty years. Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Stone would be the first of the four Russia suspects to publicly throw Donald Trump under the bus. Update: Stone has just now professed his innocence during an on-air MSNBC interview. That does not change the facts presented in this article, or Stone’s earlier words on the matter.

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