Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and the tarantula hawk

It’s been reported that if you get bit by a particular wasp that swarms around the southwestern part of the United States called the “tarantula hawk”; that the impending pain will be so excruciating, you should “just lie down and start screaming.” (link). Based on Vladimir Putin’s recent cries of nuclear war and Trump’s daily nuclear meltdowns, it’s painfully obvious that they’ve both been stung by forces so excruciating that they should both just lie down and start screaming for help instead of screaming at the swarm of legal “tarantula hawks” attacking them daily.

Vladimir Putin knows he’s strayed too far from home and that his antivirus bug protection has worn off. He’s exposed. He thinks he can fend of the “tarantula hawks” with nuclear Tomahawks. The problem is, he’s already been stung. He knows the pain is coming and he’s scared.

He’s been busy spreading poison to try and kill the scent that leads back to him, but he doesn’t have enough nuclear bug spray to stop the swarm headed his way and he would only poison himself if he used it. If he knew what was good for him, he would just lie down and start screaming. Instead, he continues to poke the nest.

Trump Inc. is no different. For as many days as Donald J. Trump has been “President” of the United States, he’s been stung by one devastating scandal after another. He’s been stung by so many pay for play scandals, sexual misconduct accusations, disastrous breaches in National Security, destruction of countless American Institutions to credible accusations of committing Treason with our long standing political adversaries, that it’s only a matter of time before he goes into anaphylactic shock. Both of them know they’ve been stung by forces so great, that they should just lie down and start screaming.

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