The funny smell coming out of Donald Trump’s White House

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There is a funny smell coming out of the White House and you’d never guess what it is. Sarah “The Huckabee” Sanders, super Press Secretary to the President, is having a Stormy sized meltdown, and the odor is her brain frying like a delicious batch of fried Brussel Sprouts. Yum.
She’s been in Full-Trump-Tactical mode, lying about things we all know and things easily proven. We have to sincerely question her sanity and her faith that she claims guides her. But right now, if she were to be standing at the Pearly Gates, would she be redirected to the basement entrance?

As comical as this is, it’s also deadly serious, because of all the lies and Michael “Pitbull/Viper” Cohen manipulations to try to prevent Stormy Daniels from talking about the affair. Of course, the more they play court-room tag, the more it gets talked about. They all knew Stormy could blow the lid off a lot of things, not just stories about Donny’s teeny weeny, but about his “presidency.” The Evangelicals have been giving him mulligan after mulligan, but they will eventually find Jesus doesn’t really tolerate married men schtupping porn stars. Yes, plural.

And exactly what is the litigation comment about references to “paternity” and alleged children? (link) Gary Hart and Bill Clinton thought they had problems. In the immortal words of my rabbi, Oy Vey.

Take a deep breath. There is also Karen McDougal, Playboy Playmate who was also shtupping Donny while Donny was shtupping Stormy while Donny was (and still is) married to Super Brainiac Einstein model Melania Trump, aka First Schtupp, while she was playing mommy to darling little Barron, named after one of Donny’s favorite fake names, who was paid off by the slimy National Enquirer owner David Pecker (and who among us didn’t laugh at that name), bought her story and buried it wouldn’t ever get out, which of course it did. Holy Cow, did you get all that?

If that’s not enough, we can add the twenty-something (I’m betting its way more) other women that all claimed Donny assaulted them in some form. One of them even took place in little Ivanka’s bedroom at Ma-a-Lago, otherwise known as Donny’s Sin Bin. This isn’t fake news. Trump was so proud of his ever powerful manhood, he openly discussed it with his pal, Perv of all Media, Howard Stern. Will the floodgates open and will Donny be swept into the swamp then devoured by the swamp creatures he put there? Stay tuned, this story is growing every day!

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