Here’s just how stupid Donald Trump is

Donald Trump is a vicious lunatic with dictatorial ambitions, as evidenced by the fact that he’s managed to illegally seize control of the presidency. He’s also a lazy buffoon who stupidly blows opportunity after opportunity, which is why his failing presidency is on its last legs and he’s now likely to die in prison. I’m going to give you an example, from my own personal history, of just how jarringly stupid Trump is.

Two years ago today, during the Republican primary race, I published an article which detailed how poorly things were going for Marco Rubio. Guess who promptly tweeted a link to my article? Donald Trump. He saw an article that was critical of one of his GOP opponents, and he eagerly shared it with his supporters. Of course that same article was critical of Trump as well, meaning he didn’t even read it before he tweeted it. Nor did Trump bother to do ten seconds of research on my publication, or he would have seen just how many negative articles I had recently published about him.

Everyone gets caught with their pants down from time to time. Senator Orrin Hatch mistakenly retweeted an article this week which called for his resignation. But with Donald Trump, these kinds of stupidly and carelessly lazy errors are a way of life. He makes no effort to find out what’s in a piece of his own party’s legislation, preventing him from being able to advocate for it effectively, and then he wonders why he’s only passed a single bill all year. He routinely takes on world leaders without having a clue about them, and then he whines that he never gets the response he’s looking for.

If Donald Trump were wise enough to be competent and thorough in his efforts, he might well have succeeded in installing himself as a permanent dictator and having his way with the country. Instead he’s only managed to wreak a fraction of the destruction he’d been hoping for. He’s stupidly lazy and he’d rather go golfing than do his homework. That’s his single biggest weakness, and it’s how the Resistance will ultimately take him down.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report