Donald Trump unwittingly reveals that Michael Flynn has the goods to take him down

The mere fact that Michael Flynn was given a lenient plea deal is proof that he turned over compelling evidence against one or more bigger fish in the Trump-Russia scandal. Three-plus weeks since the deal was formalized, we still don’t have confirmation of what Flynn specifically coughed up. Now, however, Donald Trump and his team are unwittingly confirming that they know Flynn has given up the goods on Trump himself.

Trump and his lawyers are planning to launch a public smear campaign against Michael Flynn, painting him as a liar and an opportunist, according to a new Washington Post report (link). Their only possible reason to do this is that they know Flynn has evidence to prove Trump guilty of serious crimes. Mere testimony wouldn’t be enough, as it would be one person’s word against another. Flynn must have emails, phone records, documents, or other proof that Trump was in fact the ringleader of the treasonous election rigging conspiracy with the Russians.

More to the point, Trump’s lawyers clearly believe that Flynn’s evidence is about to become public. Perhaps they expect Special Counsel Robert Mueller to arrest Jared Kushner soon, and that Flynn’s evidence against Trump will surface as part of the Kushner indictment. Or perhaps they believe Mueller is about to indict Trump for obstruction of justice. They just tipped their hand that they know something is about to drop regarding Flynn.

In any case, various reports still point to Donald Trump’s lawyers continuing to keep him in the dark about just how bad the situation is for him. This suggests that Trump has told his lawyers what all Michael Flynn has on him, and they consider it to be a potentially fatal blow, even as they try to convince Trump that it’s somehow going to be okay for him.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report