Here comes Donald Trump’s epic jealous meltdown about President Obama and Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump is already the most unpopular first-year U.S. President in the history of approval rating polls. Now he’s managed to achieve a historic new level of unpopularity of a different kind. This time around it involves him, President Obama, and Hillary Clinton – and it’s enough of a devastating blow that we’re on the verge of seeing one of his most epic meltdowns to date.

Trump has already spent the week hurling insults and lies at Hillary, as he often does whenever he’s feeling at his lowest, and at Obamacare, whenever he wants to fire up his racist base. Now year-end Gallup polling has named Barack Obama as America’s most admired man, beating out Trump handily. This marks the first time in the history of such polling that a first-year U.S. President wasn’t named America’s most admired man. So not only is this utterly humiliating for Trump, it means he’s lost out to Obama yet again. It gets even worse for him.

That same Gallup polling reveals that Hillary Clinton is America’s most admired woman for the sixteenth year straight. Trump has consistently displayed fits of jealously over the fact that he lost the popular vote to Hillary by three millions votes even after he committed treason to rig the election in his favor. This latest news is a reminder that not only is she the rightfully elected President of the United States, she’s also far more popular than he’ll ever be.


So this means we can look forward to Donald Trump’s most dementedly jealous rant about President Obama and Hillary Clinton to date. He’s now so cut off from the real world that it’ll probably take him three days or more to get wind of this news. But once he does, his resulting Twitter meltdown will serve as yet another reminder that he’s not psychologically fit for the office he stole.

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