Welcome to Donald Trump’s shithole America

As recently as yesterday, the prevailing narrative was about just how quickly the world is spiraling out of control after nearly two years of zero American leadership. For instance, the government of Saudi Arabia, which has deferred to the United States for as long as anyone can remember, now thinks it can get away with murdering an American journalist. But today we’re talking about something entirely different.

Someone out there, probably an American, just tried to assassinate two of the last three U.S. Presidents, and no one is even all that surprised. Nor is anyone surprised that the career criminal currently pretending to be the President, Donald Trump, isn’t bothering to treat this particularly seriously. After all, he’s holding yet another of his deranged pseudo-Nazi political rallies tonight. And why wouldn’t he? It’s not as if he’s the President of the United States or anything.

Today’s bomb attack is the kind of thing that’s supposed to happen in other countries, right? Trump has even made the (explicitly racist) argument that we can’t allow immigrants from certain other nations because their countries are unstable “shitholes.” That’s surreal, considering that Trump’s hideous rhetoric and total lack of leadership are quickly threatening to turn America into the kind of unstable shithole he’s describing.

America won’t have a chance to become America again until Donald Trump has been removed from office and brought to justice. The first step in that process involves handing control of the House to the Democrats in thirteen days, so that they can immediately launch into the subpoenas and criminal referrals that will lead to Trump’s ouster. In the meantime, days like today are simply not okay. Twenty-one months into this experiment of having a sociopathic foreign-controlled puppet instead of a President, and we’re the shithole now.