Donald Trump supporters go berserk at rally after Democrats are targeted with bombs

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Today we saw an unmistakable attempt at assassinating Donald Trump’s most frequent Democratic political targets, as someone sent mail bombs to everyone from President Obama to Hillary Clinton to Maxine Waters. Trump’s response to the terrorist attack has been weak and generic at best, and his refusal to cancel his planned political rally tonight has been widely criticized. Now the rally itself is quickly dissolving into precisely what one might have expected.

Trump supporters at the Wisconsin rally are already chanting “Lock her up” in reference to Hillary Clinton, just hours after someone tried to murder her, according to MSNBC. Things are apparently so in danger of getting out of control at the rally, even Speaker of the House Paul Ryan – a man without a spine – has felt compelled to meekly ask the crowd to dial it back. Trump himself has yet to speak at the event.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters are spiraling out of control elsewhere as well. Kevin Donohoe posted a photo from outside tonight’s scheduled Florida Governor debate between Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum and Republican candidate Ron DeSantis. Donald Trump handpicked DeSantis to be the GOP nominee, and sure enough, one of DeSantis’ supporters outside the debate is holding a sign that says “Democrats – Fake News – Fake Bombs.”

That’s right, Donald Trump’s supporters are not only still calling for Hillary Clinton to be falsely imprisoned, they’re also falsely suggesting that Hillary and other Democrats sent fake bombs to themselves. For the record, CNN is reporting that according to law enforcement officials, the bombs in question were very much real bombs.

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