What today’s bombing targets all really have in common – and it’s not just that they’re Democrats

We still don’t know who is behind today’s bombings, or precisely why they did it. But when you look at the growing list of intended victims, it’s not difficult to piece together what they have in common. Sure, they’re all prominent Democrats. But there’s more to this, and it’s something far more specific than the fact that they all stand on the same side of the political aisle.

President Barack Obama is among today’s bombing targets. Not too long ago, Donald Trump falsely accused Obama of having tried to illegally wiretap Trump Tower. Hillary Clinton is also among today’s targets. Trump has consistently and falsely accused her of various crimes. George Soros was the first bombing target. Trump has falsely accused him of illegally funding Democratic protesters.

Maxine Waters and Eric Holder are also among today’s targets. Trump has recently and falsely accused them both of inciting violence. John Brennan was a target today. Trump has falsely accused him of being a dangerous threat to the United States whose security clearance needed to be revoked. This pattern is impossible to ignore.

Donald Trump has accused all of these people of being part of a fictional criminal conspiracy against him and against the United States. He’s used his position as President of the United States to brand these people as being dangerous criminals when he knows they’ve committed no crimes. If it turns out that one of Trump’s supporters tried to murder these people as a result of having heard Trump falsely brand them as criminals, it won’t be difficult to make the case that Trump shares responsibility for this with the people who were actually behind the bombs.

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