Richard Nixon counsel John Dean on Donald Trump’s presidency: “it will end in calamity”

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White House Counsel John Dean was knee deep in Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal, first helping to orchestrate it and then later blowing the whistle on it and helping force Nixon out of office. He had a front row seat to Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre” in which he fired everyone who refused to help cover up his crimes. And now that John Dean has had an opportunity to watch Donald Trump’s Monday Night Massacre unfold this evening, he’s making a stern prediction.

Not My President

John Dean has been consistently critical of Donald Trump both before and after the election, and he has previously suggested that investigators should to get the bottom of Trump’s Russia scandal, borrowing a famous phrase from the movie made about the Watergate investigation. But in the midst of tonight’s Monday Night Massacre, Dean began harshly condemning Trump’s actions in real time.

Impeach Trump Now

After Trump fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates for refusing to implement his illegal Muslim ban even after federal judges had issued an immediate stay against it, Dean this missive: “Donald Trump is in the process of trashing the American presidency. He is just getting started. He thinks he is bigger than the office.” Then after Trump released a statement attacking Yates, Dean continued his criticism: “I’ve never read White House statement as nasty as Trump’s attack on Acting AG Sally Yates. New low.”

But then came the final blow, and the point of no return. John Dean, who was a first hand participant in the unraveling of the only president to ever resignpredicted this: “The way the Trump presidency is beginning it is safe to say it will end in calamity. It is almost a certainty. Even Republicans know this!” Perhaps Donald Trump needs to read this.

Not My PresidentImpeach Trump Now

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