Donald Trump fires Immigration Director Daniel Ragsdale, as Monday Night Massacre continues


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Donald Trump’s Monday Night Massacre continues, as he’s now fired the heads of two major federal agencies for refusing to enforce his unconstitutional executive order banning Muslims. First he fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates at around 9pm eastern time on Monday. And now, sometime around 10pm eastern time, he’s fired Daniel Ragsdale, the acting Director of U.S. Immigrations and Custom Enforcement, more commonly known as ICE.

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The second firing was announced on the Homeland Security website on Monday night. Remarkably, his replacement Thomas Homan is not currently listed as being part of the ICE leadership team on its official website at all, as he was previously the executive associate director of ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations — not a senior position

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No mention has been made by anyone in Trump White House as to why Ragsdale was fired. When MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell announced the firing on-air on Monday night, he wasn’t aware of the official reason either. This comes less than two hours after Yates was fired for refusing to abide by Trump’s Muslim ban, which multiple federal judges have already issued stays against.

Trump’s “Monday Night Massacre” tonight gets its name from when a desperate Richard Nixon fired a series of high ranking people during his “Saturday Night Massacre” in one final attempt at covering up Watergate and purging anyone who refused to take part in his criminal conspiracy. The end of Trump’s brief tenure seemingly can’t be far behind.


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