Donald Trump allegedly used Apprentice-style Supreme Court nominee selection process


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Many Americans have already concluded that Donald Trump thinks his tenure in the White House is just another season of The Apprentice in which he can fire people out of spite, as evidenced by his “Monday Night Massacre” last night in which he fired the head of the Department of Justice and the head of the Immigration Department. But now, according to an inside report, Trump decided to use his Supreme Court nominee selection process to carry out an actual Apprentice-style contest.

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With Donald Trump’s brief time in power having spiraled out of control so quickly that even those in the government are leaking details to try to undermine him, one of the strangest may be the assertion today that he decided to narrow down his final few Supreme Court candidates by using a reality show process. The @RoguePOTUSStaff account, which purports to be coming from within the White House and has leaked multiple secrets which were ultimately proven to be correct, posted the following this evening: “Priebus worried about public anger if they learn POTUS wasted tax $$ to bring in SCOTUS loser for Apprentice style nom. announcement.”

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It’s not entirely clear whether the insider account is asserting that Donald Trump privately held an Apprentice style boardroom showdown between the final candidates in the White House, or if it’s asserting that he’s planning to use that approach when he takes to the airwaves at 8pm eastern time tonight to announce his pick.

However there won’t be much suspense one way or the other. It’s already leaked to several major news outlets that Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court is conservative extremist Neil Gorsuch, whom he chose over Thomas Hardiman. Of course with Trump’s random erraticism, anything is possible when it comes to the likely unwatchable display he’ll put on tonight while unveiling his Supreme Court pick.


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