Donald Trump sniffs his way through ridiculous Iran speech

Donald Trump’s sniffing is back – and so are the accusations that he’s once again high on cocaine. Trump gave a speech today in which he announced that he’s decertifying the Iran deal for no good reason. This doesn’t withdraw the U.S. from the deal, and instead prompts Congress to vote on possible sanctions. But it does put the deal at risk. Observers couldn’t make up their mind whether to slam Trump for such an idiotic move, or to slam him for apparently getting high on drugs before a major policy speech.

Katy Tur of NBC put it this way: “Trump’s sniffing is back. Happened during the debate after the Access Hollywood tape. And a couple of other times during high profile speeches.” Back when Trump’s sniffing during the debate first became so painfully obvious, everyone from former Governor Howard Dean to the late Carrie Fischer accused Trump of being high on cocaine. Today, a number of Twitter users outright accused Trump of being on cocaine again. But his problem with his nose was nothing compared to his brain problem regarding today’s Iran move.

House Intelligence Committee ranking member Adam Schiff slammed Trump’s decision on Twitter: “Backing out of the Paris Accord, alienating our allies, decertifying the Iran deal — all part of the new Trump doctrine: Lead from behind.” Former Vice President Joe Biden criticized the move as well: “Unilaterally putting the Iran deal at risk does not isolate Iran. It isolates us.” Senator Dianne Feinstein hit Trump hard: “President Trump’s decision to weaken the Iran nuclear agreement is reckless and irresponsible.” The real problem may have been why Trump was motivated to make this move.

It’s possible that Donald Trump is looking to sabotage the Iran deal simply because it was one of President Obama’s greatest accomplishments, and he’s jealous. Based on Trump’s words today, it’s clear he doesn’t remotely understand the Iran deal one way or the other. Perhaps the cocaine has wiped out his few remaining brain cells.

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