Donald Trump’s parade of fools

With the passing of the Tax Scam Bill by con man Donald Trump and his conniving and complicit GOP Congress last December, we’ve seen many proposed budget cuts to accommodate the one percent. Yes, because of our down and out billionaires, budget cuts will be extracted from programs like Meals on Wheels, Medicaid, anti-poverty programs, and the Department of Veteran Affairs, to name a few. These are programs that our heartless government suddenly deems as unnecessary and thinks should be eventually phased out.

Now our demented, bone spur, draft dodging, White House disgrace wants a $30 million military parade just to feed into his raging megalomania and to show his counterparts Putin and Kim Jong Un that he can have a parade too. Just when you think this administration can’t get any lower, it proves us wrong. There are no depths of degeneration this White House can’t achieve. We are talking about a military parade for the most nonmilitary individual in the history of the United States. The closest Trump ever came to being in the military and actually seeing battle was playing with toy soldier figurines in his backyard as a kid, while his nanny would set off firecrackers for sound effects.

This parade is not only an insult to our veterans and our democracy, it is so undeserving of a callous, self serving individual who has absolutely no respect for the institutions of this country and the Constitution, while using the office of the White House for personal gain and self grandiosity, at the expense of all Americans. The $30 million that will be spent on this farce of a parade is money that could be well spent to help our veterans who are homeless and starving and many who need medical help. That is where this money should go.

I really can’t express the outrage I personally feel about this parade, but I know in speaking with many people about this, I am not alone. In speaking with a few military people I know, they find this parade a mockery and an insult to veterans who are homeless, hungry and suffer from PTSD. — Frank V. D’Ambra is the author of the books Annihilation and The Pledge

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