Donald Trump’s bait and switch

The real news is full of reports about Donald Trump and his consorts. Often repeated, the stories are about voter hacking, propagandizing through social media, secretive meetings which have been lied about by the attendees, and the what/when/where/how of all the Russian involvement in the 2016 election. Perhaps these stories have become so confusing that it is hard to distinguish one from another. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s progressing investigation gets a fair share of the actual news coverage, too. More confusing details come with a dash of intrigue.

Trump’s “base” – an uncertain number of people who love slogans and wield magical powers over the Republican Party – does not seem to be phased by the Russian collusion and collaboration or Mueller’s findings. Either their favorite news sources do not report these stories or they don’t care enough to find out what most of the world is concerned about. Probably both.

The numerous sex scandals surrounding Trump are better understood by his base. The biggest danger on the horizon is Stormy Daniels and her attorney. Trump and his lawyer, Michael Cohen, have done an extraordinarily bad job of handling the whole “Stormy” situation and it is spilling over into legal questions about campaign contributions; a well-intentioned bribe gone amok.

But Donald Trump doesn’t want his “base” to talk about Ms. Daniels. He wants them to look away from all that and focus on his favorite topics: the Wall, too many immigrants, no collusion, his favorite diabolical Democrats, his tax cut (a misnomer) and how great he is for them and the world. No mention of sex scandals in his rallies or in his tweets. Anyone can choose not to understand Trump’s collusion and collaboration with the Russians, but it will get increasingly harder to ignore Donald Trump and sex, especially since Stormy Daniels will be sharing her story on 60 Minutes on March 18.

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