Preet Bharara reveals Donald Trump’s biggest weakness

Take a moment and ask yourself whether you’d rather be Donald Trump, who is currently occupying the office of President of the United States but is on his way to prison, or Preet Bharara, who was fired by Trump but is headed for big things. That’s why we’re inclined to listen to Bharara when he speaks about Trump. He’s now revealing Trump’s greatest weakness – or more precisely, he’s reminding us of it, even as we keep forgetting about it.

Because Donald Trump has consistently acted like a such a cartoon villain, and because he’s spent his life doing such evil things, we tend to think of him as knowing what he’s doing. But if that were the case, he’d have a slew of legislative accomplishments to his name, a high approval rating, and he’d have figured out how to dispense with his scandals a long time ago. Instead, Trump has very few accomplishments, he’s cripplingly unpopular, and his scandals are coming closer to ousting him by the day. So why is that?

The short answer is that Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing. In particular, he either doesn’t understand the importance of surrounding himself with competent people, or he doesn’t know how to find and identify competent people. Even if you’re an evil villain, in order to succeed, you need to hire competent henchmen. Trump has consistently hired precisely the opposite.

Here’s how Preet Bharara laid it out on Twitter: “The President does not have very good personal lawyers. The President does not have very good spokespeople. The President does not have very good cabinet officers. I know to many all of this gross incompetence is self-evident, but it should never cease to be breathtaking.” He’s right, of course. You can’t name one person in Donald Trump’s orbit who is remotely competent. That’s Trump’s greatest weakness: his own weakling team can’t carry out his evil vision.

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