NBC confirms Donald Trump isn’t actually creating U.S. jobs, and Trump goes berserk

Although his time as “president elect” has largely consisted of starting feuds on Twitter while fending off mounting scandals, the one policy matter which Donald Trump has emphasized in detail is U.S. job creation. He’s made a point of listing off all the companies that are supposedly bringing low level jobs back to America due to him. The trouble: his claims haven’t been accurate, and some companies are even recycling old job announcements to trick him. NBC News finally called Trump out on the fact that he actually hasn’t created any jobs, and he went berserk today.

Try reading this, Donald.

The feud over jobs began yesterday when NBC News began reporting that Trump was taking credit for a jobs initiative that General Motors had already rolled out before the election, as well as a standard annual headcount increase at Wal-Mart, neither of which had anything to do with his election victory. That sent Trump off in a Twitter rage:

“Totally biased @NBCNews went out of its way to say that the big announcement from Ford, G.M., Lockheed & others that jobs are coming back to the U.S., but had nothing to do with TRUMP, is more FAKE NEWS. Ask top CEO’s of those companies for real facts. Came back because of me! No wonder the Today Show on biased @NBC is doing so badly compared to its glorious past. Little credibility!”

So to recap, Donald Trump now thinks NBC News is “fake news,” along with CNN which he declared to be “fake news” last week. He’s not interested in disputing the facts of the U.S. jobs he didn’t create, and he’s instead letting all caps and exclamation points do the talking for him. Perhaps the first real U.S job that Trump should create is that of a White House therapist — to treat whatever is wrong with him.

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