FBI’s Andrew McCabe makes last minute move to try to prevent Donald Trump from firing him

Throughout the week, all signs have pointed to Donald Trump gearing up to fire Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe tomorrow. What has he done wrong? Nothing. He’s simply the victim of a phony conspiracy falsely tying him to Hillary Clinton, setting him up as the target of Trump’s rage. Trump’s allies in Congress hauled McCabe in for questioning today to try to finish him off. However, in a last minute surprise, McCabe said something during his testimony that may have just saved his job.

The Republicans in Congress were hoping to pressure McCabe into saying something he might regret today, or saying something they could take out of context, so Trump would have some semblance of justification for firing him. Instead, things went in a different direction entirely. McCabe testified to Congress today that former FBI Director James Comey told him about Trump’s demand for personal loyalty, according to a CNN report (link). Why does this suddenly matter with regard to McCabe’s job security?

Once Trump concluded that Comey wasn’t willing to rig the Trump-Russia investigation in his favor, he fired Comey in an attempt at shutting down the Trump-Russia investigation entirely. In so doing, Trump committed an act of obstruction of justice. McCabe just revealed that he’s a material witness to that crime, as he’s able to corroborate Comey’s version of events.

This means Donald Trump will be committing another act of obstruction of justice tomorrow if he does fire Andrew McCabe from the FBI. Furthermore, McCabe’s testimony just served to further bolster the Trump’s original act of obstruction of justice when he fired Comey. McCabe has likely been sitting on this information all year, and he chose to break it out at this time in the hope of insulating himself from being fired. As per usual, Trump’s adversaries are proving to be a step ahead of him.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report