Here’s who Robert Mueller is going to arrest next

Based on the bits and pieces that are surfacing, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been having a field day behind the scenes this past week. He has grand juries in progress against some of Donald Trump’s closest allies. He has cooperating witnesses who know crucial pieces of the puzzle and can take down the biggest players in the scandal. So who’s getting arrested next? We’ll give you a few hints.

Roger Stone: On Monday, longtime Trump adviser Sam Nunberg revealed on cable news that he had been subpoenaed in relation to a Mueller grand jury against Stone and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Stone then appeared on MSNBC on Tuesday and revealed that Mueller hasn’t even so much as asked him to come in and testify. Based on Mueller’s pattern, that means Mueller is planning to indict and arrest Stone rather than giving him a shot at cooperating his way out of this. With a grand jury already underway, the indictment against Stone should arrive soon, and Mueller will have no reason to sit on it.

Erik Prince: He’s the brother of Trump’s Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. He reportedly had a secret Trump-Russia meeting in the Seychelles which was set up by United Arab Emirates. George Nader, the guy who set up the meeting on behalf of UAE, has been cooperating with Mueller for the past six weeks. There is no confirmed grand jury against Prince, but it’s been long enough for one to have run its course. We still don’t even know for sure what Prince was doing with Trump and Russia and UAE, but Nader does.

Sam Nunberg: We’re honestly not sure whether to include Nunberg on this list or not, because he keeps very publicly changing his mind about whether he’s willing to show up for his grand jury subpoena this Friday. If he does fail to show, as he’s now threatened several times before backtracking, look for him to be arrested almost immediately for contempt of court.

Jared Kushner: One recent major media report after another this past week has revealed that Robert Mueller has Kushner nailed six ways to Sunday on various financial corruption and bribery schemes. Throw in what Nader has likely given Mueller about Kushner’s pay-to-play scheme with UAE, and Mueller should have no problem getting a grand jury indictment against Kushner any time he wants. However, we still believe Mueller is looking to flip Kushner against Trump by any means possible, and we’ll see if Mueller decides breaking out the handcuffs is the best way to scare Jared into talking.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report