Lindsey Graham’s dangerous new game with Donald Trump

One day after influential Republican Senator Bob Corker stated that Donald Trump is mentally unstable and he’s going to get us all killed, the political world awaited the reaction of Corker’s fellow Republicans. None of them said anything to support or refute Corker’s assertions, which was expected as they continue to function like deer in the headlights. But one Republican Senator did respond – by deciding to play a different kind of game with Trump.

Lindsey Graham and Donald Trump went golfing together today. This is strange for a few reasons. First, Trump never does this kind of thing. He’s spent zero time trying to build relationships with anyone in Congress, even within his own party, beyond his own handful of corruptible puppets. Moreover, this seems to have been hastily thrown together at the very last minute. Why on a Monday? Why not when Trump was staying at one of his own golf resorts over the weekend? Why not wait til next weekend? Something is suddenly and urgently afoot. Finally, Graham’s tweets afterward are bizarre.

Graham tweeted “Really enjoyed a round of golf with President Donald Trump today. President Trump shot a 73 in windy and wet conditions! How bad did he beat me? I did better in the presidential race than today on the golf course! Great fun. Great host.” (link). Let’s be clear about a few things here. The average professional golfer shoots a 73 in wet and windy conditions. Trump has never shot anything close to a 73 in his life. Trump has a low golf handicap, but only because he consistently cheats. We know this because Samuel L. Jackson once golfed with Trump, and he say Trump cheated the entire time (link). So why is Lindsey Graham going out of his way to lie about Trump’s golf score? There’s a reason for this kind of behavior.

Lindsey Graham is bending over backward to try to butter Trump up. The most effective way to manipulate a narcissist is to enthusiastically buy into the flattering lies that the narcissist tells himself. Trump wants to pretend he legitimately shot a 73 today? Graham is willing to shout that lie. This can’t be about the health care bill. That’s the only thing these two are already on the same page about. Graham is trying to win Trump’s favor and trust. It’s coming the day after Graham’s Senate Republican colleague Corker declared war on Trump, so you have to ask yourself if they just might be up to something.