“Doomed”: even Donald Trump’s allies admit that his latest meltdown is destroying him

Lashing out. Unraveling. Rupturing. Doomed. These are the words that Donald Trump’s own allies and advisers are now using to describe him and his presidency, in a stunning new expose which reveals just how damaged Trump has become, and how much additional damage he’s specifically done to himself over the past few days as he’s staged his most deranged meltdown yet.

Trump has “torched bridges all around him” in the last few days, according to a new insider piece in the Washington Post. It helps to confirm what has appeared to be the case from the outside: Trump is now in more rapid and chaotic decline than ever before. Moreover, he’s self destructing by alienating the allies he has left and picking fights he can’t win. One Trump ally is going so far as to say that “His presidency could be doomed.” It somehow gets even worse than this for Trump.

We’ve all seen Trump and Republican Senator Bob Corker get into a public battle over the past few days, which Corker can’t lose because he’s not running for reelection anyway. But it doesn’t appear to have been Corker who sent Trump into the downward spiral over the weekend. Instead, Trump appears to have taken himself there, because he’s melting down of his own accord. John Kelly is preventing him from having the kind of miscreant fun that keeps him from going fully off the deep end.

Palmer Report predicted that John Kelly would end up unwittingly helping to destroy the Trump presidency by “fixing” it, because he’s gotten rid of all the loose cannons and wackos whom Trump enjoyed working with. Trump never wanted this job; he only wanted to win. As he continues to become even more miserable, his breakdown is accelerating. Read the Washington Post article (link).