Ivanka Trump falls apart

Donald Trump is having a mighty bad week, with Republican Senator Bob Corker opening the floodgates against him by acknowledging that he’s a dangerous whack job. Mike Pence is having an even worse week, as his NFL game walkout stunt was exposed as having been dishonestly staged. But someone else in the White House is having the worst week of all, and it just got even worse for her: Ivanka Trump, who’s having a week from Hell.

Over the past week it’s been revealed that Ivanka Trump improperly used a personal email account for White House government business – and that when she got caught, she tried to cover it up by moving her personal email account to a private email server (link). This means she’s guilty of an actual email scandal, as opposed to the imaginary “email scandal” that her father helped invent about Hillary Clinton. Even as investigators close in on her and Congress seeks to revoke her security clearance, something even uglier went wrong for her.

Ivanka Trump’s mother Ivana Trump unloaded on Ivanka’s stepmother Melania Trump today in bizarre fashion. Ivana declared “I’m first lady” because she was Donald Trump’s first wife. She then said the only reason she doesn’t call Donald at the White House is so Melania won’t get jealous (link). Ivana is promoting a new book, and is seeking to stir up controversy accordingly. But she’s thrown a whole new monkey wrench into the dynamic of America’s trashiest family, and it’s put Ivanka right at the center of it.

Imagine if your mom and your stepmom were publicly feuding with each other, at a time when you had a job inside the house where your stepmom lives. That’s the situation Ivanka Trump now finds herself in. As this white trash family feud plays out in her face, Ivanka is also trying to fend off investigators on all sides.