Kellyanne Conway smacks Steve Bannon after he inappropriately touches her

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It turns out the ongoing infighting between the power players inside Donald Trump’s unstable White House isn’t just taking place inside the building. Senior advisor Kellyanne Conway and chief strategist Steve Bannon are seen as two of the people pushing the hardest to hold control over Trump’s erratic decision making. And in a recently unearthed video, Conway can be seen slapping Bannon’s hand away after he put his hand somewhere on her back.

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The incident actually took place on inauguration day, and aired live on CNN but went largely unnoticed at time. However it’s recently surfaced on social media thanks to a user named @fionabren and then spread wide by @KaivanShroff. The video clip, while not the best of quality, clearly shows Steve Bannon walking up behind Kellyanne Conway and placing his hand somewhere on her back. She then looks over, sees that it’s him, and smacks his hand away. There’s no audio, so it’s difficult to judge the specific context of what was going on, but it’s a bad look for Bannon considering his alleged history.

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The video clip of Conway smacking Bannon, which you can watch below, comes after the revelation that Steve Bannon allegedly once got violent with his now ex-wife. She pressed charges of the matter. And then (again, allegedly), he intimidated her into not testifying against him. Watch the video:

With Donald Trump now trying to place Steve Bannon on the National Security Council, placing him above the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the military decision making hierarchy of the United States, one might think Bannon would be more careful about his behavior while in the public eye. And yet during one of his rare public appearances, he can be seen touching Kellyanne Conway in the kind of manner which she seemed to find inappropriate enough to warrant smacking him away. You be the judge.

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