Vladimir Putin poisons political opponent, kills two U.S. intel assets, in wake of Trump’s weakness

Two years ago, Vladimir Putin (allegedly) poisoned his political opponent Vladimir Kara-Murza, an incident which likely only didn’t become a murder because the State Department of the United States intervened by relocating him and his family to the U.S. before Putin could finish him off. But last night Donald Trump’s new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, a close ally of Putin, was sworn in. And just hours later, Kara-Murza is in the hospital after having apparently been poisoned again.

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Now is one of those times in which you have to stop and ask yourself if you believe in coincidences. The Guardian is reporting that Vladimir Kara-Murza currently has the same symptoms as when he nearly died in 2015 due to having been poisoned. Until Rex Tillerson was sworn in last night, the U.S. State Department had been nominally under the control of an acting director left over from the Obama administration.

Trump is a Russian patsy

But now that Tillerson is officially in power, an Exxon oil executive who was recently given the Russian Order of Friendship Award by Vladimir Putin, it appears (as pointed out by Rachel Maddow on Thursday evening) that there may be no one standing in the way of Putin finishing Kara-Murza off. And if he does die of this second poisoning, he won’t even be the first or the second political opponent Putin has murdered since Trump took office.

As we reported earlier, a former Russian oil exec who turned into a Western intel asset was found dead in the back of a car, and a top Russian FSB agent was dragged away with a bag over his head after also been accused of being a U.S. intel asset. It appears Vladimir Putin is wasting no time in taking advantage of the fact that a weak puppet like Donald Trump won’t stand in his way.

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