Donald Trump wasn’t even in Situation Room for his botched Yemen raid that killed Navy SEAL

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The first military action ordered by Donald Trump was an ill advised and underprepared mission in Yemen in which killed one of our Navy SEALs, killed a number of innocent civilians including children, and accomplished precisely none of its goals. The United States military certainly knows what it’s doing, so the catastrophically bad military action must have been ordered by Trump against any advice he may have been receiving. But now it turns out he may not have even received any advice, because he wasn’t in the Situation Room.

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The stunning admission comes directly from bumbling White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer himself, who inexplicably blurted out during his briefing that “The president was in the residence” during the time of the Yemen raid. This came even as Spicer tried to defend the White House’s original characterization that the raid was a “success.” This revelation raises so many questions that it’s difficult to know where to begin.

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Anyone who is familiar with the upper levels of U.S. military hierarchy, or even anyone who has watched a rerun of the West Wing, is aware that military leaders cannot out an operation such as the Yemen raid without the president explicitly giving the order. Based on Sean Spicer’s characterization, it sounds like Donald Trump was in the residence at the time of the raid and couldn’t be bothered to walk over to the situation room as an American hero was dying.

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So how much, if any, information and input was he given about the raid by his military advisors before he ordered it? Who within Trump’s camp of loyalists came up with this fatally ill-advised plan to try to wipe out terrorists in Yemen in among a crowd of civilians, at a time when the terrorists weren’t even there? Was it deranged National Security Advisor Michael Flynn? Was is white supremacist civilian Steve Bannon?

In any case, Donald Trump acted so recklessly in greenlighting this mission, which any reasonable military advisor would have cautioned him against, that he might as well have pulled the trigger himself when it came to the deaths of the Navy SEAL and the civilians who died. There should be years of Congressional investigations and even impeachment hearings based on this criminally negligent Yemen raid alone. But the Republican majority in Congress simply won’t investigate him. It’s why independent news outlets like Palmer Report are tasked with digging up these details ourselves.

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