Report: Donald Trump demanded James Comey end the grand juries before firing

Now that Donald Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey in what is rather transparently an attempt at sabotaging the FBI’s investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal, numerous details are leaking out as to how the firing went down. Now according to one source with a track record of being proven correct, Trump demanded that Comey end the ongoing Trump-Russia grand juries, and then fired him when he refused to comply.

Palmer Report has been reporting on the Trump-Russia grand juries since last month, and this evening CNN finally confirmed that the grand juries are indeed underway (link). Now Dave Bernstein, who has gained a reputation for tweeting accurate inside source information under the Twitter name Resistance DB, has shared the following information: “SOURCE: Trump demanded that all grand juries end or Comey would be fired. Comey told Trump to fire him” (link). Bernstein has been correct on his sourcing before.

He went on to explain that he’s only getting this from one inside source, and that he has no further details. This leaves open the question of when the exchange between Comey and Trump would have taken place. Comey was in Washington D.C. yesterday for a public event, but he began today in Florida and then flew all the way to Los Angeles, and is now on his way back to Washington. The exchange as described by Bernstein could well have taken place by telephone.

It’s worth pointing out that the online intel community has consistently been ahead of the major media outlets when it comes to inside sourcing on the Trump-Russia investigation over the past month. Help fund Palmer Report

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