FBI Director James Comey had a dead man switch, and here come the Trump-Russia leaks already

From the likes of spy thrillers, we’ve all heard about the proverbial dead man switch: the secret information that automatically gets released to the public if a hunted figure is taken down. Now it turns out FBI Director James Comey must have had one in place, because just hours after his firing, major Trump-Russia leaks are already hitting the airwaves.

The first and most notable leak in the wake of Comey’s demise is a CNN report confirming that a federal grand jury in the Trump-Russia investigation is already underway in the Eastern District Court of Virginia (link). Of course Palmer Report already reported this same story last month (link). But despite it being a well sourced and multiple sourced story, major media outlets had refused to touch it. Yet now that Comey has been fired, they seem to suddenly have the okay to go ahead and report on these leaks. So what changed?

James Comey’s dead man switch probably isn’t that difficult to suss out. The minute Donald Trump was named the winner of the election, Comey had to have known that if he kept pursuing the Russia investigation, there would come a point at which Trump would grow desperate enough to consider firing him over it. So you have to figure Comey already put these triggers in place awhile ago. And there’s more to come. We know what some of it may be.

Now we sit back tonight and tomorrow and we watch what other key details leak out from James Comey’s dead man switch. According to our prior reporting there are multiple grand juries underway, not just one (link). One of them deals with the Foreign Agent Registration Act and appears to be the one CNN is finally acknowledging. The other grand jury deals with RICO and is aimed at Trump and his business associates. So look for more details about the RICO case to leak soon. Help fund Palmer Report

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