Insider: Donald Trump furious with Kellyanne Conway for admitting CNN isn’t fake news

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Kellyanne Conway has spent the past week getting herself in trouble with the media. And it now appears that her last ditch effort at repairing her relationship with the media has gotten her in trouble with her boss. Conway invented the Bowling Green Massacre, which eroded any remaining public credibility, and then after CNN refused to book her over the weekend, it called her out for lying about it. She then made a subsequent appearance on CNN in which she made the mistake of admitting that CNN is not “fake news.”

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That apparently didn’t sit well with Donald Trump, who has repeatedly accused CNN of being “fake news” whenever it reports negative facts about him. According to alleged White House insider Twitter account @AngryWHStaffer — which hasn’t yet definitively proven itself to be legitimate, but appears to be legitimate based on its track record — Trump was furious when Kellyanne Conway admitted to CNN that it is in fact a real news network.

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“I cannot describe how angry the President is with Kellyanne for admitting that CNN is not fake news,” the staffer has revealed. The backstory on Conway goes further: “Kellyanne says mean things about the job you did but she doesn’t stop there. She just digs in on people until they’re crying in a bathroom. When the Bowling Green Massacre story was trending you literally could not say “Hi” to Kellyanne without her cutting you to bits. If you want to know what working with Kellyanne is like, imagine ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ but meaner and with worse fashion.”

This comes at a time when Trump appears to be furious at nearly everyone on his staff for the fact that his White House is coming unglued. He blames Steve Bannon for tricking him into appointing him to the National Security Council. He just demoted Sean Spicer. And now according to the rogue White House account, he’s pissed at Kellyanne Conway as well.

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