Insider: Donald Trump considering withdrawing Neil Gorsuch from Supreme Court

Donald Trump’s White House is already in such chaos that staffers are leaking embarrassing details to newspapers on a daily basis, in an apparent attempt at letting the outside world know that Trump is spiraling out of control. In addition, a number of rogue White House Twitter accounts have popped up, revealing alleged insider information as well. One of those reports tonight is a stunner: Trump is supposedly considering withdrawing Neil Gorsuch’s nomination from the Supreme Court, after Gorsuch criticized Trump today.

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This particular leak comes from the @AngryWHStaffer account on Twitter, which has generally been correct in the claims it’s made. While it can’t be proven that the account is indeed being run by a White House staffer, it does appear to be real. So take this with whatever sized grain of salt you feel is appropriate, but here’s the supposed scoop: “Unless he apologized for his comments I’d be surprised if the President doesn’t withdraw the Gorsuch nomination. Trump is insanely angry. Priebus is trying to talk sense to the Presdident but I don’t know how Gorsuch survives the weekend.”

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If this insider claim turns out to be true, it will amount to what would be a shocking turn of events for any president not named Trump. All that Gorsuch did was admit privately to a Democratic Senator that it was “demoralizing” and “disheartening” to hear Trump attacking federal judges – and those remarks were then made public. But it does fit with Trump’s mercurial approach to politics.

Neil Gorsuch is extremely conservative, but he’s a well spoken traditional judge. Trump would likely have preferred picking someone as brash as himself. It’s a fair bet that pragmatic staffers such as Priebus talked him into Gorsuch, in much the same manner that he was previously talked into picking Mike Pence. Trump has probably been looking for any excuse to change his mind, and he would view Gorsuch’s fairly tame criticism as a personal betrayal. So we’ll see what happens. If Gorsuch is indeed withdrawn, then we’ll have to conclude that this particular rogue White House account is indeed legitimate for certain.


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