Donald Trump’s idiot lawyers just made our lives a whole lot easier

We have no idea why Donald Trump’s attorneys are doing what they’re doing. Perhaps they really are as incompetent as they seem. Perhaps they’re snowing him for personal gain. Perhaps they’re secretly on our side. But we do know this: whatever they’re up to, whatever game this is, it’s left Trump in such a sheltered and delusional position that these attorneys are doing us a favor. That favor just got a whole lot bigger.

For some time, we’ve heard buzz that Trump’s lawyers have been telling him that he’s not even being investigated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and that the overall probe will wrap up soon and fully exonerate him. As difficult as it is to believe that the so-called President of the United States would hire (and then believe) a bunch of lawyers who are feeding him laugh-out-loud fiction, CNN is indeed confirming that Trump’s lawyers really do have him snowed in this manner. In fact, Trump is now under the impression that Mueller is about to write him a letter personally exonerating him. So where does this leave us?

Think it through. If Trump figures out that he’s in real danger of going down in flames in the Russia scandal, he’ll panic and begin making risky moves which will either quickly get him off the hook or quickly get him ousted from office. If that happens, Trump will no longer have a need for his Russia scandal lawyers, and they’ll be out of a job. But if they manage to keep Trump calm by leading him to believe he’s in no danger, he’ll continue to sit back and do nothing as the investigation drags on, and they’ll keep getting paid. So perhaps this is merely self preservation, when it comes to a client who can’t be properly defended, and only wants smoke blown up his backside anyway.

So long as Donald Trump’s lawyers can keep him under the impression that everything is going to be just fine for him in the Russia scandal, the more likely it is that he’ll sit there and allow himself to be cooked like the proverbial frog in boiling water. Maybe because they’re greedy, maybe because they truly don’t understand how much trouble their client is in, or maybe because they think he’s unfit for office and they’re somehow secretly on our side, Trump’s attorneys are now doing us a huge favor.

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