Susan Collins goes off the deep end

I’ll admit, I fell for it. Even as I was warning the anti-Trump resistance not to trust Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski because she’s a conservative extremist who just happens to personally dislike Trump, and never to count on John McCain because he uses a magic eight ball to cast his Senate votes, I fell for Susan Collins. She positioned herself as a moderate Republican from a moderate state who was better than her increasingly corrupt and lawless party. Wow was I wrong.

In fairness to me and others who fell for her act, Susan Collins went quite a long way to sell us on the false notion that she was a moderate who was willing to stand up to her party. She voted against this past summer’s ridiculous Republican Party bill which would have repealed ObamaCare without a legitimate replacement. So surely she wouldn’t turn around and vote for a tax scam bill which represented perhaps the single most corrupt and damaging piece of legislation to ever make it as far as a full vote in Congress, right? Wrong. But it gets even worse.

Collins signaled on Monday that she will indeed vote for the finalized version of the Republican tax scam bill, despite the fact that most people in her state of Maine strongly oppose it. In other words, the billionaire donors own her just as thoroughly as they own any other Republican in Congress these days, and they wanted their tax giveaway, so she voted for it. Here’s the odd part, though: she just ended her career in Maine.

There is now very little chance that Susan Collins will be reelected when her current Senate term ends in 2020. There is simply no way a moderate state like Maine is going to reelect someone who behaved this villainously on legislation so horrible. So why throw her Senate career away just to please the billionaire donors in her party, if it means she can’t get reelected anyway? She must be planning to run for President in 2020, and she figures she needs the billionaires in her pocket. Bob Corker is probably running as well. Of course this means they don’t think Donald Trump or Mike Pence will still be around to run as an incumbent by then.

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