Donald Trump is in even worse shape than we thought

It’s easy to make the argument that Donald Trump is figuratively or metaphorically falling apart. He’s historically unpopular and his presidency is failing, even as his scandals close in on him. His behavior has also become more erratic and confusing than usual. But now we have a different kind of problem: Trump is almost literally falling apart as well, right before our eyes.

From his failed attempt at a fake tan to whatever is rapidly going wrong with his hair, it can be argued that Donald Trump is barely held together to begin with. Things, however, are getting worse in real time. Last week Trump began speaking with a severe lisp for no apparent reason. Is his jawbone failing? Did his teeth fall out? Did he have a stroke? We still don’t have that answer. Now we’re seeing, for the second time in the past month, that Trump appears to be physically unable to drink from a bottle or a glass unless he lifts it with two hands. This isn’t some longtime quirk. It’s new, and it suggests he may be losing motor function.

Throw in the fact that Trump can seemingly barely stand up while speaking these days, and you get the feeling that he may indeed be falling apart in the physical sense of the phrase. We know he’s spent recent years relying solely on a weirdo quack medical specialist instead of a competent doctor, which means it’s possible he’s suffering from any number of undiagnosed health issues.

At this point Donald Trump is rapidly turning into that movie villain who’s in such bad physical shape, entire chunks of him are going to start falling off as things continue to get even worse for him. This man needs to go see a competent medical doctor immediately – and a psychiatrist while he’s at it.

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