Donald Trump gives away that he knows a major Trump-Russia bombshell is about to land

As of this morning, Donald Trump is once again frantically trying to distract us on Twitter. He’s tweeting garbage about late night hosts. He’s randomly announcing his supposed desire to work with the Democrats on a new issue. He’s tweeting about the Fairness Doctrine as if it were still on the books. He’s throwing anything he can against the wall – and we know why, because we’ve seen this movie before.

Here’s what Trump tweeted this morning: “Late Night host are dealing with the Democrats for their very “unfunny” & repetitive material, always anti-Trump! Should we get Equal Time? More and more people are suggesting that Republicans (and me) should be given Equal Time on T.V. when you look at the one-sided coverage?” So it’s clear he either watched the late shows last night for once, or he saw a segment on Fox News this morning about the late shows. But this was just the beginning.

Trump then tweeted “I called Chuck Schumer yesterday to see if the Dems want to do a great HealthCare Bill. ObamaCare is badly broken, big premiums. Who knows!” This represents a major shift in his position on health care reform. He’s now divorcing himself from the failed Republican plans he championed, in favor of going behind the Republicans’ back to work with the other side. It probably won’t go anywhere, and he probably doesn’t mean it anyway. What this does tell us, however, is that Trump knows a major Trump-Russia bombshell is about to land.

This has long been Donald Trump’s consistent strategy. Whenever a major news outlet calls his White House for advance comment just before it drops a Trump-Russia bombshell, Trump stages a meltdown on Twitter. He turns over as many random rocks as he can, in the hope of creating a distraction that will compete with the bombshell for headlines. Trump just gave away that he knows something major is about to hit the newswires this weekend.

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