Republican Congress finally admits the truth about Donald Trump

If you’ve been paying even remotely close attention over the past nine months – for that matter if you’ve so much as opened your eyes during that period of time – you’re well aware that Donald Trump is psychologically unstable and mentally incompetent. He’s objectively unqualified to serve in the office of President of the United States. It turns out the Republican Congress agrees with you.

Watergate reporting legend Carl Bernstein went on CNN over the weekend and revealed what the Republican Congress has been privately saying about Trump behind the scenes: “They doubt his fitness to be president, they doubt his competence, they’re worried that he has to be restrained and constrained by these military leaders.” (link) In other words, they think he’s as unfit, incompetent, and in need of restraint as you do. The trouble, of course, is that they’re the ones who are supposed to do something about it.

The Republicans have the majority in the House, where impeachment hearings would begin, and in the Senate, where a subsequent impeachment trial would take place. They haven’t been allowing any of that to happen, either because they fear Trump will attack them in return, or because they simply don’t want to have to go through the embarrassment of impeaching a president of their own party. But it is notable that they’re now willing to admit privately that they know Trump is unfit and should be removed, because they know that this kind of private talk ends up leaking out via the media.

This can arguably be seen as something of a trial balloon on the part of the Republican Congress. They’re in dereliction of duty for not having already impeached and removed Donald Trump. But by floating this kind of thing anonymously, it appears they may be trying to lay the groundwork to finally do what they should have done on day one.

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