Donald Trump assembled the media today to threaten them. They responded by leaking it all.

Now that Donald Trump has been named “president-elect” of the United States to the shock of all involved and the dismay of millions who have taken to the streets in protest, it turns out he wasn’t kidding when he promised to destroy first amendment freedom of the press. He assembled the heads of the biggest news outlets in a secret meeting at Trump Tower on Monday, and began lambasting and threatening them over their coverage of him. The reporters in the room responded by immediately leaking the details to the public.

In a stunning development, Donald Trump tried to use the power of the office he’s scheduled to inherit by threatening reporters and media bosses to their faces. He told the head of CNN that he should be “ashamed” for apparently not kissing his backside enough during the campaign, even though cable news notoriously went easy on Trumps various criminal and financial and political scandals while harping on the minor email issues of his opponent Hillary Clinton. Trump also made a point of lambasting NBC reporter Katy Tur, who had traveled with the campaign and had become a frequent target of his rants and threatening rhetoric.


According to the report laid out by the New York Post, which says it had two separate sources who were in the room, reporters including Chuck Todd and David Muir and Gayle King fired back at Trump. Although the meeting had been designated as “off the record,” some of the reporters in attendance apparently found the entire thing so disturbing that they leaked the details anyway, under the belief that the public had a right to know how Trump is attempting to sabotage the media behind the scenes.

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