Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos wants guns in schools, to protect from “grizzlies”

There are any number of reasons why Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos is objectively unqualified and unfit for the job. Neither she nor her children have ever attended a public school. She has no professional experience whatsoever which would suggest that she could succeed. And her lifelong desire to bankrupt public schools by funneling all the money into charter schools makes her the worst possible kind of nominee. But just to add another reason to the pile, DeVos said today that she’s just fine with guns being in schools. Because of bears.

During the Senate confirmation hearings today, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy — who represents the state where the Sandy Hook school shooting took place — asked Betsy DeVos what she thought about guns in schools. Her response was that schools in places like Wyoming need to keep guns on hand to “protect from potential grizzlies.”


That’s right, the nominee to be the next Secretary of Education just stated that she’s in favor of having guns in schools so that teachers can shoot at any wildlife who might come around. And this what the Trump era looks like: he wants someone in charge of our schools who thinks it’s okay for teachers to shoot at bears while the children are around. This isn’t funny. She’s a violent sociopath.

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