Iranian President Rouhani trolls Donald Trump for being all talk and no action

Is the President of Iran now trolling Donald Trump by using words that Trump recently hurled at civil rights legend John Lewis? It sure sounds like it, based on the message which came from Iranian President Hassan Rouhani today regarding Trump’s year and a half of chest beating about the anti-nuclear deal between the United States and Iran.

Trump has opposed to Iran nuclear deal since the start of his campaign, while never seeming to be familiar with what the deal actually entailed, presumably simply because it was negotiated by his rival President Obama. Trump insists he’ll rip up the deal and go back to having an adversarial relationship with Iran, even though that would likely result in Iran relaunching its nuclear program, which has now been dismantled. But President Rouhani is predicting the deal will remain in place, because Trump is a man of all talk and no action. And if those words sound familiar, it’s because you’ve heard them recently, from Trump.


On Saturday, Donald Trump accused John Lewis of being “talk, talk, talk – no action” in a tweet. And now the Iranian President is accusing Trump of being all about “slogans” and not about “actions.” It sounds a lot like Rouhani is reading Trump’s tweets and trolling him with his own words and insults.

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