Coincidence, or just the latest Trump-Russia diversion?

On a day that was loaded with breaking news stories, in and out of Washington DC, it made me wonder if three of them weren’t a coincidence. It was announced today that Donald Trump finally relented today, allowing the Treasury Department to place sanctions on Russia. The House and Senate voted almost a year ago by an overwhelming margin to force sanctions, yet our “president” refused to put them in place.

At every turn Trump has praised Putin, to the point of worshipping him. In the 400+ days that he has been in the White House, there has not been one negative word spoken by Trump about Russia or its dictator. Trump has trashed the FBI, CIA, and the Department of Justice as well as ranking Senators and Representatives. We cannot forget is attacks on the NFL players who choose to utilize their first amendment rights and the college basketball players who didn’t show him enough appreciation.

The next headline, at just about the same time, was Robert Mueller subpoenaing all of the Trump organization’s Russian documents. It is believed that these include, but are not limited to, all financial records dealing with the Trump Organization and Russia. This must have infuriated Trump and his family. Remember the warning Trump gave Mueller about crossing the “RED LINE” in dealing with the family’s businesses. Well, this is exactly the red line that Trump was referring to.

So, which came first, the subpoenas or the sanctions? We know which order they were reported in, but not which order they happened in. This brings us to the third newsflash, more news about the Stormy Daniels scandal. It was reported early Thursday evening that BuzzFeed obtained records that identified another White House / Trump lawyer as having been involved in the cover up. “As The Stomach Turns” is getting juicier by the day. We may never know if these headlines are related, but it makes one think.

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