The FBI seems to be taunting Donald Trump about seizing his assets

Rachel Maddow has reported on a video that was released showcasing America’s new $250 million yacht that was seized by the FBI and is now owned by the American taxpayers. She seemed baffled as to why someone, presumably in the FBI, would go though the trouble of releasing the nicely edited video complete with a sexy soundtrack. As much as I love Rachel, I’ve got to say that I think she may have missed the boat on this one.

Right now, Donald J. Trump has done more to upset and offend those charged with keeping us safe than any other criminal they’ve ever encountered. They don’t hate Trump so much for being a foul mouthed ignoramus who can’t find his derriere with both hands. No, they hate him because he and Putin cheated and won. As a result, they look bad. This is personal.

It’s safe to assume that once the balance of power shifts, we will own a whole lot more than a $250 million yacht. In fact, if we play our cards right, we could own billions in Trump-branded assets. The FBI is putting Trump and all of his co-conspirators in check by saying, “Look what we have, and guess who’s next?” It’s been alleged that Putin and his comrades have been stashing their ill gotten gains in Trump real estate for decades (link), meaning it can all be seized.

If you take that money along with all of the assets Trump and his family possess, and combine it with the assets of whoever else can be tied to similar crimes, that could be a pretty penny to be seized under the Federal RICO act. We could presumably fund healthcare and education a little better than we currently are if we play our cards right and tip the balance of power in Mueller’s favor. Then, not only will we get justice, we’ll get a boatload of riches beyond our wildest imaginations.

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