Right wing nutjobs are pretty sure Donald Trump’s filthy Apprentice tape will leak Wednesday

Something is afoot here; we just don’t know what. For months dating back to before the election, there have been widespread rumors of a supposed video circulating of Donald Trump using racist and sexist slurs while trashing his own child during breaks on the set of The Apprentice. In fact actor Tom Arnold claimed last month to have seen it, but claimed that it had a limited time password and that he could no longer access it. But just when the whole thing was dying down, a right wing nutjob site is claiming the tape will be released this Wednesday.

To be clear, there is absolutely no reason to believe that the site in question, InfoWars, is reporting truthfully on this matter. The site has a history of reporting unfounded and deranged right wing and pro-gun conspiracies, and much of America simply views it as “fake news.” But with InfoWars being decidedly pro-Trump, it’s bizarre that the site is suddenly claiming the long forgotten Apprentice tape is about to be released. So what’s really going on?

Attempting to decipher the semi-coherent InfoWars rambling, the claim appears to be that an NBC source is warning Trump’s side of the imminent release of the Apprentice tape so it can take control of the narrative in advance, pre-spinning it as a partisan attack before anyone sees it. What makes this odd is that Alex Jones, who runs the site, is a close ally of Donald Trump — and it would seemingly make no sense for Jones to be talking about the tape at all, unless it is indeed about to come out anyway.


Again, to be as clear as possible, we’re not reporting that the Apprentice tape is coming on Wednesday. We would never take InfoWars reporting at even partial face value. But that said, the mere fact that Trump ally Jones is talking about the tape suggests that the other Apprentice shoe is about to drop. Take this all with a huge grain of salt if nothing happens on Wednesday. It would be against our editorial standards to link to an InfoWars article, but you can google it.

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