‪Donald Trump admits President Obama has put up “roadblocks” to his ascendancy‬

Donald has spent the past several days airing his grievances on his personal Twitter account, suggesting he’s neither been in the holiday spirit nor looking forward to taking office. His latest foul mood appears to be a result of President Barack Obama’s assertion at the beginning of the week that he could have defeated Trump in a head to head matchup. If Obama was attempting to bait Trump into representing himself poorly, it’s worked. But even more notably, Trump’s whining today included an admission that Obama has managed to put up “roadblocks” in his way.

“Doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory President O statements and roadblocks.Thought it was going to be a smooth transition,” Donald Trump complained early on Wednesday, adding “NOT!” for melodramatic effect. But while Trump was attempting to criticize President Obama for not making life easy for him, he instead admitted that Obama has had the upper hand during this transition period.

Obama initially made a point of cordially cooperating with Trump, inviting him to the White House immediately after the election for a friendly photo op. But while some on the left accused the President of making it far too easy for the illegitimately elected and widely despised Trump, others suspected Obama was simply feeling out Trump in order to best trip him up. And now there’s mounting evidence that Obama has been doing precisely that all along.

Since Election Day, President Obama has taken steps to permanently fund Planned Parenthood in a manner which Donald Trump and the GOP may never be able to undo. Obama is also about to launch retaliatory measures against Vladimir Putin and Russia for meddling in the election, and again, the goal is to prevent Trump from being able to undo it. And now the Obama administration appears to have some hand in the United Nations action against corrupt Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu. And these are just the Obama “roadblocks” that Trump and the public know about thus far.

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