Donald Trump’s Twitter meltdown is so complete, he’s thanking himself in the third person

Donald Trump never has painted himself as a particularly mature or stable or for that matter coherent person via his antics on his personal Twitter account. From his all-night ramblings, to his infantile feuds, to his 3:00am proclamations about sex tapes, to his one-sided arguments with China, he’s long appeared to be unraveling. But this past week in particular, since the Electoral College made him official, he appears to be in the midst of a full scale meltdown as he faces the prospect of actually having to be president. And his final tweet today put a punctuation mark on a man who appears to have finally, totally lost it.

Not that anything about Trump’s past week of tweeting has made any sense. He favorably quoted Vladimir Putin by name. He falsely accused NBC News of misquoting him, while spelling “quote” incorrectly. He claimed the United Nations was a place to have a “good time.” And he insisted the world was “gloomy” before he won, even though he has the lowest approval rating of any president-elect on record. But his closing tweet today may have been the most disturbing.


After Donald Trump spent the day having a one-sided Twitter argument about whether he would have defeated President Obama in a head to head election matchup, Trump moved on to trying to take credit for Obama’s economy. Trump’s final tweet of the day read: “The U.S. Consumer Confidence Index for December surged nearly four points to 113.7, THE HIGHEST LEVEL IN MORE THAN 15 YEARS! Thanks Donald!” That’s right, he actually finished his tweet by thanking himself in the third person. He’s that far gone. It’s enough to make you miss the days when he was merely tweeting imaginary words like “unpresidented.”

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