Wisconsin officials struggle to explain all the fake Donald Trump votes posted on election night

With a statewide recount just days away from getting underway in Wisconsin, the state’s voting totals have already been shifted in alarming fashion since election night – and all in the same mysterious direction. After three precincts in one county were caught reporting gibberish vote totals that were numerically impossible, they responded by drastically reducing their totals for Donald Trump. Since that time, other precincts have done the same, and now nearly five thousand “Trump votes” have been taken off the board across Wisconsin. And now Wisconsin officials are offering increasingly absurd excuses to try to explain it all away.

Wisconsin’s statewide vote total for Donald Trump was initially 1,409,467 votes, according to the New York Times. But as the respected Cook Political Report has tracked the updated voting tallies being announced by various Wisconsin precincts, the total number of votes for Trump in the state has now fallen to just 1,404,536 votes. That means Wisconsin initially reported nearly five thousand votes for Trump which it now acknowledges never existed.

During this same time Hillary Clinton’s vote total in the state has shifted by fewer than two hundred votes, making clear that this was not an equal problem for both candidates. Rather, various Wisconsin precincts simply padded Donald Trump’s vote totals by the thousands. So how are Wisconsin officials explaining this remarkably suspicious anomaly? One county is blaming it on an arithmetic error, which is an unlikely explanation, considering that the same math error would have needed to happen for the same candidate three different times. But that’s not even the strangest excuse officials have come up with.


As the number of precincts now voluntarily taking their phony Donald Trump votes off the board has increased over the past week, and more inquiries have been made, one member of the Wisconsin Elections Commission tried to blame a modem error for the supposed extra Trump votes. This would suggest that not only are precincts using dial-up technology from the nineties, one of the obsolete modems somehow decided to vote for Trump a few thousand times. Heading into the Wisconsin recount, the plot gets stranger.

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