Donald Trump’s latest deranged rant gives Electoral College more fuel for reversal

Even with recounts about to get underway in as many as three states, Donald Trump should have nothing to worry about if he won those states fair and square to begin with. Statewide vote totals don’t end up being off by ten thousand or more votes due to simple honest errors here and there. The only these three recounts will take the election away from him is if he only won them due to cheating to begin with. And so the current panicked meltdown on the part of Trump and his staff is raising questions as to just what they’re so afraid of being uncovered. But even as the recount process proceeds, Trump’s latest Twitter meltdown today entered such deranged territory that it gives the Electoral College more fuel for rejecting him even if he doesn’t lose the recounts.

In the two-plus weeks since the election, Hillary Clinton has conducted herself in overtly judicious fashion. Even when she signed on to a recount effort that had been initiated by a third party candidate, she was careful not to make any specific accusations ahead of the forthcoming findings. And the reason why seems obvious enough: with so many rumblings emanating from various Electoral College members about taking matters into their own hands, both Clinton and Trump are currently auditioning to see who can come off as the most “Presidential” in the eyes of the Electors. The only thing is, Trump doesn’t seem to know it. That’s why his latest meltdown this afternoon may ultimately be so damaging to him.

“In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally,” Donald Trump tweeted today as part of a day long Twitter rant. His claim about supposed illegal voting is based on nothing and has been pulled out of thin air. In so doing he’s arbitrarily accusing millions of Americans of committing voter fraud without evidence, and he’s violating the sanctity of the voting process. It’s yet more fuel for motivating Electors to take matters into their own hands, even if the recounts don’t magnetically finish Trump off.

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