Israeli police will investigate and interrogate Benjamin Netanyahu for bribery and fraud

Yesterday, just hours after United States Secretary of State John Kerry gave a blistering speech accusing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of standing in the way of Middle East peace, the government of Israel appeared to respond by initiating an effort to force Netanyahu out of power. The Attorney General of Israel immediately announced a criminal investigation into Netanyahu, without revealing what the accusations or charges were. But now a day later those criminal accusations have been revealed โ€“ and they’re severe.

Israel’s television news station Channel 10 is now reporting that the Attorney General of Israel has ordered police to investigate Benjamin Netanyahu on charges of bribery and fraud. Moreover, Netanyahu โ€“ despite being the highest elected officer in the Israeli government โ€“ will be called in for police questioning and interrogation over the matter.

The specific details of the bribery and fraud details being waged at Benjamin Netanyahu by his own government are still scattershot and have been recapped by Times of Israel. But the timing of the move cannot be written off as coincidence. With the United Nations having sided against Israel on the matter of settlements earlier this week, and then the U.S. pointing to Netanyahu yesterday as being the problem, the Israeli government now appears to be aggressively trying to rid itself of him for the sake of world relations.

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